Make Your Own No-Sew Moby Wrap

baby being carried in a moby wrap

Everyone – well, almost everyone – loves the Moby Wrap once they’ve tried it. It’s the queen of soft-shell wraps that hugs your baby to your body and leaves you hands-free enough to wash dishes, color with a preschooler and push a shopping cart (no, not all at once).

pregnancyJPG (1)

So we were excited to see a post over on Rookie Moms that tells you step by step how to make a Moby-like wrap. All you need is lots of fabric and a good pair of scissors. No sewing machine, no needle and thread, zero crafty mama skills. Rookiemom Heather even has a video showing you how to tie it like a pro.

Curious? (Nesting?) Check it out here. Then tell us in the comments below how it worked out.

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