9 Great Themes for a First Birthday Party

a baby smashing his birthday cake

Your one-year-old doesn’t know a birthday from an elephant, so this is your chance to celebrate your anniversary as parents as well as your child’s milestone in a way you can all enjoy – and that you’ll all remember.. From a First Zoo Trip to a Time Capsule Gathering and a Birthday Brunch, here are a handful of birthday celebrations that do not involve clowns or goodie bags.

A Birthday Brunch

pancakes in a fry pan

Who It’s For: Baby and family

The Big Plus: Minimal preparation, no cleanup and (most likely) a relaxed, happy baby.

The Deal: An intimate celebration with just the grandparents or your closest friends at a local brunch spot – preferably somewhere a little bit special (and with a high chair, of course). Morning is most babies’ sweetest time of day, and while brunch provides opportunities for the adults to chat, giving the birthday child some extra attention will make him feel like a little king. This might even be your baby’s chance to clock another first: first taste of pancake or waffle. Just bring a new small toy or two — if you can find one with a suction cup that you can stick to the dining table, all the better — along with a snack to keep Baby happy before the food arrives.

Extra Credit: Bring your own cake and candle. Be sure to let the restaurant know ahead of time and ask about plating fees – the charges added to your bill for cutting and serving your cake.

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