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SNOO Smart Sleeper

In a nutshell: The SNOO Smart Sleeper offers parents safety assurance and peace of mind as it monitors and responds to children’s sleeping behaviors. The perks: Claiming to be the “safest baby bed ever made” the SNOO Sleeper was co-created by pediatrician Harvey Karp, designer Yves Behar and MIT trained engineers. The electronic bed reacts to sleeping […]

By Carly / January 10, 2017

Nanit Baby Monitor

By Carly / January 5, 2017

Alilo Smarty Shake and Tell Rattle Review

In a nutshell: The Alilo Smarty Shake and Tell Rattle is an interactive tool that offers children various songs, rhymes and sounds to keep them occupied. The device not only plays music but is able to identify and vocalize colors. The rabbit-eared design is sure to be a hit among both babies and children. The […]

By Carly / December 5, 2016

Summer Infant LIV Cam

By Katie Quirk Dunyon / October 30, 2016