Top 10 Travel Tips for Moms

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Traveling with an infant or toddler can be daunting, especially if it’s just the two of you. But travel, for necessity or pleasure, will likely happen, so it’s best to prepare now. “A little calm, a little planning, and some creativity can help you and your baby or toddler enjoy the adventure of traveling,” says E. Ashley Steel, co-author of Family on the Loose: The Art of Traveling with Kids. “You’ll build flexibility for new routines, provide exposure to exciting experiences, and have fun yourself.” Read on for 10 tips to travel with ease (or something like it!).

Pack Light, Pack Smart

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Traveling successfully with a tot means having what you need without being overwhelmed by bulging bags. So be practical with your carry-ons. Extra clothes are key, and Steel advises moms to bring a few infant outfits (they’re tiny, after all!) or an extra toddler outfit.

Try her technique for taking the bulk out of clothing: “Pack each set of clean clothes in a zip-top bag and suck all the air out. If there is big spill or an accident, you can use the bag to keep the messy clothes contained.” Steel also advises moms to pack extra-light in the toy department. Be creative and use seemingly humdrum travel items to entertain your wee one, from plastic spoons to a colorful magazine (for their crumpling pleasure) to empty, stackable cups.

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