10 Best Patriotic Baby Names

We all know finding the right baby name can be just as hard if not harder than carrying around another human being for nine months. Some people like to be different; others go the traditional route when it comes to the name game.

If you have a baby due around the 4th of July or maybe you just like patriotic baby names, Independence Day has inspired some really great ones. Here’s a look at some of my favorite patriotic boy and girl names:

1. Belle

Think Liberty Bell with this one, not Beauty and the Beast Belle. Belle just sounds so pretty. It’s so surprise it means beautiful.

2. America

You can’t get more patriotic than this. Every time I hear this name I think of actress America Ferrara who played “Ugly Betty”. Loved the show, love her, and love the name America.

3. Alexander

When you think about America, you think about the founding fathers, so it’s only natural that Alexander Hamilton should come to mind. Alexander is actually pretty popular as it ranked #8 last year on the national list of popular baby names.

4. Lincoln

Here’s another I like that’s inspired by one of our founding fathers, Abraham Lincoln. I think Lincoln has a rich sound but with a funky feel to it.

5. Starla

Stars and stripes forever, right? So, why not Starla? I think this is just a really cool-sounding name!

6. Liberty

“With liberty and justice for all.” Talk about patriotic. Liberty is another one of those unique names.

7. Justice

You can’t have liberty without justice. If I were looking for a name that had a strong feel and meaning, I would go with Justice. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a future lawyer on your hands!

8. Sam

This one’. There’s just something about a simple name like Sam that puts a smile on my face.

9. Glory

The American flag, A.K.A. Old Glory could have you thinking about the name Glory. If you’re not a fan of just Glory, how about Gloria? It’s a beautiful name that has me think of a girl just running freely on some kind of grassy hill.

10. Julian

This name sounds precious to me for some reason. Julian also has that “July” sound in it so it seems fitting for a baby born during that month.

These are just a sampling of many great patriotic baby names out there that you want to consider for your little one.