10 Fun Holidays to Celebrate with Kids

We love our kids but sometimes the day in-day out of bringing up babies can get a little routine. When you’re exhausted it’s easy to get stuck in a rut as well. But taking time for little treats and surprises is what makes a weekday go from bland and boring to fun and memorable. One way to get inspired to do things a little differently is by celebrating some of the random, fun holidays people are always happy to tag on Facebook. Your kids will definitely remember a change to the schedule when you celebrate Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (February 4).

You already missed Squirrel Appreciation Day (January 21) and Tell a Fairy Tale Day (February 26), but not to worry, there are plenty of other strange and wonderful things to celebrate. Here are 10 from TimeandDate.com that we think are absolutely worth moms and kids honoring, photographing, and plastering across social media. (We readily admit to being drawn to the food holidays. A day celebrating chocolate chips (May 15)? We are in!)

1. April 10: Siblings Day

Every April 10 Facebook is flooded with people giving shout-outs to their sibs. This one’s a little more legit than most of these: since 1998, former President Clinton and the governors of 49 states have issued proclamations to recognize this holiday honoring the relationships between siblings.

To celebrate: Encourage your kids to do something extra special for their brothers and sisters and express how much they value each other. Don’t forget step and half siblings!

2. April 26: Pretzel Day

Pretzels are thought to be one of the oldest snacks in the world!

To celebrate: Make homemade soft pretzels, yum! Your kids will have a blast rolling out the dough and shaping it into twisty shapes.

3. May 1: Batman Day

Sure, some people think of May 1 as May Day. But it’s also Batman Day!

To celebrate: Wear capes and masks a la Batman, natch. And cue up a Batman show or movie and read some Batman comics.  Kids not into caped crusaders? Save the dress up for Star Wars Day, which arrives a few days later on May 4.

4. May 14: Dance Like a Chicken Day

Anyone who’s ever been to a traditional American wedding knows this dance (do you hear the song in your head now? Duh na na na na na nah / Duh na na na na na nah). If your kids haven’t yet had that honor, teach them the classic moves now.

To celebrate: Cue the music!

5. June 17: Eat Your Vegetables Day

Maybe if you tell them it’s a holiday your kids will get excited about eating their veggies?

To celebrate: Use this day to do something fun with vegetables. Plant a garden(or go low-key and throw a few seeds in a pot).  Go to the store and pick out a new type you don’t normally buy, or prepare the old standards in a different way. Plate them in a fun way so your kids will think veggies are cool. Or make a dessert featuring a vegetable or two!

6. July 4: Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

You’ve probably heard the phrase “It’s so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk.” Ever thought about trying it? Your kids will love this one.

To celebrate: Crack an egg or two and see if it’s hot enough to get some sizzle going! Since concrete is a bad conductor of heat, experiment with spreading some aluminum foil on the sidewalk first. Be sure to wash down the sidewalk after!

7. July 20: Space Exploration Day

The first astronauts walked on the moon on this day back in 1969. President Reagan declared the holiday, sometimes called Moon Day, in 1984.

To celebrate: Take today to learn about space exploration through books and visits to science museums. Watch astronaut videos on YouTube. Make rocket ships out of cardboard. Jump on trampolines or in bounce houses and pretend you’re experiencing zero gravity!

8. August 17: Thrift Shop Day

Thrift or consignment stores tend to be good places to take bored kids. They can scour the toy section and nothing they want will be too expensive. And you don’t have to worry as much about them breaking anything or making a mess like you do in other stores.

To celebrate: Take your kids to your local thrift shop and let them hunt for treasures. Encourage them to donate some of their old toys at the same time, out with the old, in with the “new”!

9. Sept 12: Chocolate Milkshake Day

Summer might be waning but don’t miss this chance to enjoy an ice cream treat! This holiday happens annually on September 12.

To celebrate: You could let the kiddos have some version of chocolate shake for every meal. At the very least, find the thickest, most delicious chocolate milkshakes your neighborhood has to offer, indulge. You might even find restaurants that offer free chocolate milkshakes with meal purchases.

10. November 11: World Kindness Day

It’s been around since 1998 and it seems only more relevant and important today! November 11 also the federal holiday Veterans Day, so you and the kids both might have the day off to celebrate kindness while honoring veterans.

To celebrate: A few days or a week before World Kindness Day, brainstorm kindness ideas with your kids. The ideas could be as helping a neighbor and as large as picking up the tab on a stranger’s restaurant bill. Then help your kids put their plans into action. Consider making this a monthly holiday.

Will you celebrate any of these holidays with your kids? How do you avoid getting into a “routine rut” at your house?