10 Ways to Score Deals on Cyber Monday

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Are you planning on clicking your way to big savings on Cyber Monday? Just don’t let your boss see! And follow these tips to get the best possible deals (and get over the ones that get away). Happy shopping, mamas!

Log In Early

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Don’t waste precious time at check out creating an account. Set one up ahead of time and save your credit card info to it. Make sure you are logged in and ready to go when it’s time to buy. Now is not the time for multiple password attempts and account resets, ladies!

Check Deals Website

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Head to a website like for a complete list of retailers’ deals. Be sure you check the price on a comparison site like to make sure the price they’re offering is actually a bargain.

Register for Emails

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Some retailers try to generate excitement for Cyber Monday shopping by giving insiders a sneak peek of what to expect or by offering special discounts. Sign up to receive emails or special Cyber Monday communications and find out what sales to expect.

Set a Strict Budget

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It’s easy to get sucked into deals, especially when you’re shopping online. Retailers use all kinds of tricks to get you to buy more than you intended. But all of your Cyber Monday savings (plus some!) will be lost if you’re loading the purchases onto a credit card that won’t be paid off in full. So don’t fill your cart with things your wallet can’t afford!

Gather Promo Codes

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Check websites like , , and to see if they have any discount codes available for your preferred retailers. There’s no guarantee that the codes will work on already-discounted merchandise, but it’s worth a shot!

Know the Return Policies

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It’s not a deal if you end up stuck with something in the wrong size or that you just don’t like! Make sure you know the return policy for each retailer. It might be worth taking a risk on a product if you can return it to a store in your neighborhood. But something that needs to be returned by mail, at cost to you, could be more hassle (and money) than it’s worth.

Use Multiple Devices

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If there is a deal you are absolutely set on landing, recruit your partner or a friend to try for it on their computer or mobile device as well. There is a risk that you’ll inadvertently purchase multiple products though!

Look for Free Shipping

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You don’t want to pay for shipping on Cyber Monday. If there is a minimum spend to receive free delivery, and your items don’t meet it, you might end of losing all your savings to the price of shipping. Adding small items you don’t really want to meet the free shipping minimum is no deal either. Consider combining orders with a friend or using the often-free “ship to store” option.

Know What You Want

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Amazon and other retailers offer daily or even hourly deals on Cyber Monday and throughout the holidays. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, it’s easy to get sucked into products being offered at seemingly great prices (a tablet at 56% off? That must be a steal, right?!). Make a list and do your research ahead of time so you know which deals to jump on and which are just a waste of time and money.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Young woman holding credit card and using laptop at home.

Think about what you want to do should an item you’re seeking sell out. Will an alternate color or size work just as well? Or will you be more disappointed in having your second choice than if you just didn’t get it at all? Losing a deal isn’t going to ruin your holidays, unless you let it.