20 Baby Girl Names as Sweet as Southern Tea

The South provides tons of inspiration for names for baby girls.

All true southerners will tell you that their states are highly underrated. Sweet tea, lightning bugs and porch rocking chairs adorn the south, evoking a sense of calm and serenity unseen anywhere else in the U.S. The south is also rich in heritage, and one can find influences of French, African, Caribbean, Cuban, Creole and Gullah cultures across the region.

If your heart feels the tug of the southern U.S., it’s natural to give your baby girl a name that embodies the spirit of the area. Naming your baby is an act of care, and you want to decide on one with meaning. Check out the most popular names from Louisiana, Alabama and other states as well as the southern-inspired names below:

A father and baby daughter outside in a grove of trees.These suggestions will help you find a name as beautiful as the southern states.

Most popular names in the southern states

The Mom365 baby name finder tool makes naming your baby easy, providing an up-to-the minute view of the most popular names in your region. Some of the trendiest names across the southern states include the following:

  • Ava: This name has many possible origins and meanings, including the Latin word for “bird” and the Hebrew word for “life.”
  • Emma: With Latin origins, Emma means “universal” or “whole.”
  • Olivia: Made popular by Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” this name comes from the Latin word for “olive.”
  • Sophia/Sofia: The name comes from the Greek word for ‘Wisdom.”
  • Isabella: An adaptation of Isabel, which came from the Hebrew name Elisheba, which means “God is perfection” or “God is my oath.” The “bella” portion means “beautiful.”

These align with popular names nationwide. If you’re looking for something a little less common, try names loved in specific states. For example, parents in Mississippi are fond of Scarlett and Paisley, while Floridians are choosing Mia and Aria. Other state-specific names include:

  • Skylar, Amelia and Kinsley (South Carolina).
  • Harper, Abigail and Madison (North Carolina).
  • Aaliya, Addison and Grace (Tennessee).

Creative names for baby girls with a little southern flair

“Give your baby a southern name without choosing one of the top 10.”

When it comes to naming your baby, popularity might not be a selling point. After all, as Parents Magazine noted, many parents are taken aback when, after giving their child what they thought was an original name, they come across three more Olivias on the toddler’s first day of preschool! Going a little less conventional is perfectly okay – you can still give your child a southern-sounding name without choosing one of Louisiana’s top 10. Try naming your child after a major southern city such as:

  • Raleigh or Florence, both nice and unconventional.
  • Charlotte or Savannah, which are charmingly feminine.

If you want something more masculine or gender-neutral, try:

  • Jackson (Jackie or Jacqueline if you wish).
  • Salem (as in Winston-Salem).
  • Houston.

If you’re more of a bookworm than a travel buff, you might want to name your child after a famous southern female writer. If you know your literature or do a little digging, you’ll find a lot more names than you initially imagine. Try these classics:

  • Mary (Flannery O’Connor, one of the most famous Southern Gothic writers).
  • Zora (Neale Hurston, most known for “Their Eyes Were Watching God”).

The possible names for baby girls are endless, so it’s important to narrow down certain criteria to help you chose. If you want one that elicits feelings of warmth, comfort and great southern cooking, you can’t go wrong with one of the names presented here.

Autumn Green is an artist-turned-writer who traded the sweet tea of the south for the deep dish pizza of Chicago. Her favorite subjects include art, culture, design, small business/entrepreneurship and healthful living.