20 Great Baby Names for Babies Born in August

summer baby august with mom

It’s already August?! How did that happen? Well, for those of you pregnant mamas out there due right about now, you’re probably feeling like it took forever to get here. And you may even be wondering if you can gather some inspiration for baby names for babies born in August.

Guess what? You can. There are plenty of lovely names for boys and girls that are August-themed and would suit a little one born this month perfectly. If you’re not pregnant or due any time soon and just like baby name stories — or if you’ve already given birth to an August baby and are curious to see whether your name is on the list — read on!

Baby Boy Names

1. AugustKind of a no-brainer since the month of August is also a very nice (and trendy-again) boy’s name. It literally means “great, venerable, majestic” so your son will be in good hands with this moniker. Alternate: Augustus or Augustine. Gus for short.

2. Leo. August babies are typically Leos when we’re talking signs of the Zodiac, so this adorable boy’s name meaning “lion” in Latin makes perfect sense. (Here’s more about your Leo baby.)

3. Gus. A shortened version of August, Gus is a cute name in its own right.

4. Chase. A boy’s name growing in popularity that literally means “to hunt,” it conjures up images of playing chase in the backyard on a warm summer evening.

5. Sonny. Literally meaning “son,” this baby boy’s name also sounds like “sunny,” which sums up the month of August perfectly!

6. Trip. August is one of the most popular months of the year for going on vacation and taking a little trip, so why not give your baby boy this super cool name meaning “traveler”?

7. Cain. This name means either “spear,” “possessed,” or “clear water,” depending on who you ask. We’ll stick to the last one if we’re talking about giving this to an August baby!

8. Dayton. Meaning “day town” or “light town,” it just sounds like a good name to give a baby boy born in August, doesn’t it?

9. Leonardo. Another lion-themed baby name that would suit a little guy with a birthday this month very well. Plus greats like Da Vinci and Di Caprio share it!

10. Lionel. You could name your little cutie after singer Richie with this one, but it also means “young lion,” so it really fits your tiny baby leo.

Baby Girl Names

1. Peridot. Since this enchanting green gem is the birthstone of the month, why not give a baby girl born in August this pretty first name?

2. Coco. This is such a cute-yet-stylish-sounding baby girl’s name (just ask Courteney Cox) and very summery since it’s short for “coconut.” Its origin is as a pet name in French and Spanish.

3. Augusta. The girl version of the name of the month, Augusta is another obvious but very sweet choice.

4. Gladys. The August flower is the bright, colorful gladiolus, a perennial that blooms all summer, so this spinoff is a good name for a little girl born this month.

5. Leonie. The baby girl version of “Leo,” this cute name is another one meaning “lion” (or should we say “lioness”?). Roar!

6. Adena. This English name meaning “fire” is the feminine version of the popular boy’s name Aiden and just feels like a good, summery, August girl’s name.

7. Calinda. This Hindi name means “sun” and is a nice choice for an August baby girl.

8. Peach. A very summery fruit that’s ripe for the picking in August, it also makes a charming girl’s name.

9. Lena. This Greek name means “the bright one.” Need we say more?

10. Sienna. The name of the Italian city of orange-red clay (spelled with just one “n”) sparked an unusual and beautiful girl’s name version, which just exudes summery warmth.

Is your baby name on the list? Would you ever name your child after the month when he or she was born?