20 Ways Real Moms Invest in Their Kids’ Futures

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You know it’s important to plan for and invest in your child’s future—financially, emotionally, and otherwise. But everyone has their own way of approaching it, with everything from reading to their children to starting a piggy bank to saving for college. Mom365 parents shared their smart approaches for the long haul.

1) “My BF and I agreed that all the money we receive from the baby showers would be put into a savings account or trust fund for our daughter. I learned from my parents who did the same for me when I was born who always told me, ‘Start saving from day one.'”—Aislinn Mikami

2) “I have started a savings account for Carmine. Plan to deposit $50 to $100 each paycheck.”—Crystal Burba

3) “I am securing my baby’s future by being insured, covering her health benefits, choosing a financial plan to invest money for baby’s education and marriage, and I started a contingency plan for an emergency fund in case of my death and illness.” —swetha

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4) “My husband and I have already set up a bank account that will be for her when she goes to college. Every time we get paid, we both put something in there for her. We both want to ensure that she has the means for college. Even though she is only 2 years old now, the more we invest, the more she will have when she gets of age to have it. It had actually started out as our savings but then we changed it to be our daughter’s savings. Don’t get me wrong, we still have a savings account for us, but we needed to think ahead for our daughter’s future too.”—Valarie Cortez

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5) “Started a college savings fund as soon as she was born.”—Catherine Whitfield

6) ” I have a handsome 2-year-old and what I am doing for my son’s future is going to college! I am 21 years old and had my son while in my sophomore year of college. While most of my family and friends told me how difficult it would be to continue to go to school and be a mom, I was determined to prove them wrong, not for me but for my son. Since I got pregnant with my son I haven’t stopped pursuing my education. After my son was born I was accepted into the civil engineering program at Texas Tech University. I believe finishing my degree is the MOST important thing I can do for my son right now. Getting my degree and a career will insure my son with financial stability. As a single mother I have to work extra hard as well as sacrifice playtimes with my son in order for us to have an amazing future and life. Investing in my self is the best I can do for my son with the opportunities I have. I hope that my son will learn responsibility, sacrifice, dedication, and the importance of school from my actions.”—Paulina Rojas

7) “Buying books—building a strong foundation for her education by reading early.” —Victoria Costley

8) “I currently have a life insurance in place and a will in progress. She has her own piggy bank and will have a bank account soon. It’s never too early to learn that every little bit of savings helps (I was 4). I’m also saving for my own retirement so I’m not a financial burden on her when she is my age.”—Erin Wilson

9) “We already have a college fund account accumulating interest. We also teach him the necessary skills and behaviors so that he may grow up to be a loving, caring, and polite individual to everyone else.”—Oksana Lather

10) “We are investing $1,000 a year towards our little girl’s college fund, then putting all of our leftover cash from our monthly budget into a petty cash fund for her. Hopefully we’ll save enough so that braces, clothes, and who knows what else won’t hurt so much!”—Claire

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12) “My husband and I invested in a whole life insurance policy for her as soon as she was born. We started an education fund for her too within one month of her birth… an interest in reading/learning is cultivated. Her financial future is secure. She has interaction with family. Pets teach her kindness, sharing, and showing love. By taking her to the library and activity classes, we get her to spend time outside the home. She learns social interaction, taking turns, sharing with other children. She has got educational toys at home, and is also free to explore around the house. As she grows older, we plan to build on this more. This is how we are investing in her future.”—Nithya Ramasubramanian

13) “Besides monetary investing, we are securing our son’s future by giving him a solid emotional foundation in which he feels safe, secure, and above all, loved! My husband is career military and our sacrifices now are all done to give our son the best future possible. The months spent apart during deployments and training are so he can have a stable future and not have to worry about things like education costs thanks to the GI Bill!”—Ashley Moreira

14) “Putting the change I get back on a daily basis in his piggy bank.”—Chimene Hallani

15) “I will be returning to school to finish my degree when my newborn son is one month old. I am doing this for my soon to be 19-month-old daughter and my newborn son so that I can continue saving for their education and future. I know it will be hard, but it will be so worth it in the end!”—Lauren Willard

16) “We’ve started her a mutual fund, and are getting out of debt so that we have something to leave her.”—Amber Varney

17) “Depositing any gift money for him into a savings account.”—Alessandra LaTour

18) “By taking a small bit of each paycheck, I can save up for emergencies and for his future.”—Ashley Rupe

19) “I have a piggy bank for him and have since before he was born. I’ve already looked into his schooling, which he will attend a charter school the next town over. I have a savings account just him, $20/month goes into.”—Kristin Butterworth

20) “Unfortunately, I live pay check to pay check, so I am unable at the moment to save financially for my baby. But I teach him kindness, respect, and humbleness.”—Adriana Ramirez

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