2015 Top French Baby Names

baby holding eiffel tower model

Let’s take a look at the top 10 baby names for boys and girls in France. Courtesy of French website notrefamille.com, here are the top 2015 trending baby names in France, these names were très populaire:

Girls baby names:

  1. Manon
  2. Jade
  3. Louise
  4. Alice
  5. Camille
  6. Chloé
  7. Lēa
  8. Lou
  9. Emma
  10. Charlotte

Boys baby names:

  1. Armand
  2. Jules
  3. Lucas
  4. Léo
  5. Gabriel
  6. Arthur
  7. Louis
  8. Hugo
  9. Tom
  10. Sacha

Accents aside, most of these names are well known in the US. On the boy’s side only Armand would be out of place on an American playground, having never made the top 100 names here.

Although the girls list contains the very trendy Emma and Chloe, it also includes a name that has never been popular in the US: Manon. Manon is a French example of a nickname, as name (Madeleine)

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