3 Tips for Deciding What Photos to Share

Mom Finger is Touching Facebook App on iPhone 6 Screen

A big reason why you take photos of your kids is to share them – with family and friends near and far, via email, Facebook, a personal blog or other private photo sharing site. Grandparents in particular crave regular photo updates but most of us love to share the precious moments we capture with our little ones with anyone who is willing (or at least anyone we’re willing to be Facebook friends with!)

One dilemma though – which photos to share, and how many?

Jack covering his ears because he knows I’m about to turn on my Vitamix!

Here are my tip 3 tips on deciding which photos to share:

1) Less is more

Ok, this may seem counterintuitive when your mother-in-law is on your case for more photos, but I suggest going for frequency rather than quantity.

In other words, sharing one photo each day will get you a lot more mileage than suddenly sharing 200 photos from the weekend when you haven’t shared any photos in months.

Liam enjoying some end of summer watermelon by the kiddie pool.

In fact, I highly recommend starting a photo-a-day project and sharing only one photo each day. Shuttercal gives you an easy calendar based format to keep track of your photos and grandma will be overjoyed! Plus at the end of the year, you can put them all into a beautiful one year canvas.

But on whatever platform you use to share photos, sharing one photo a day keeps it manageable for you and creates consistency that your family and friends will love. And you’ll be surprised, limiting yourself to choosing only one photo at a time to share can make that choice easier.

2) Look for emotionally good rather than technically good photos

I talked about this concept last weekfocus on the photos that make you feel the most emotion, whether it’s joy, pride, nostalgia or any one of the myriad of emotions that come along with the job of mom.

Liam taking his little brother up the steps on the first day preschool.

Which photos make you smile? Which photos reaffirm your love for your kids? Which photos make you feel good? These are the photos to share as they will most connect you and your family to others.

3) What do you most want to remember about today? What do you most want to remember about this time?

I use this “measure” all the time when selecting my photo for the day. I try not to make it solely about the “best” photo. By sharing the photos of the moments you most want to remember, you are building robust documentation and cementing the memories that will be most meaningful to you in years to come.

The boys playing happily together.

Your photos also become a “gratitude journal” of sorts, helping you to focus on the best parts of each day.

Jack walking home after one of his first days at preschool.