4 Satisfactions Only Pregnant Women Understand

Woman eating healthy salad.

Many pregnant women, especially those who have already had one or more children, understand that oftentimes, being uncomfortable is just part of the experience. With so many changes taking place within a woman’s body, it’s not surprising when feelings of tension, strain or discomfort come up.

At the same time, when you find the solution – the perfect thing that’s just what your body needs – there is no better feeling in the world. Let’s take a look at a few feelings of satisfaction that only make sense to pregnant women:

1) Sitting down

Sure, people who stand for long periods during their job may enjoy a good plop down in their favorite chair after a long shift. But for a pregnant woman, few things can compare to sitting down, removing her shoes and just relaxing for a spell.

As the American Pregnancy Association pointed out, pregnancy causes the body to produce as much as 50 percent more blood and body fluids to help the developing baby grow and progress. This leads to swelling called edema, which particularly affects the feet and lower extremities from about the five-month mark and into the third trimester.

Activities like standing for long periods of time, consuming high levels of caffeine or not including enough potassium in your diet can all impact swelling. When you’re finally able to sit down – even if you’ve only been standing or walking for a short period of time – being able to kick off your shoes and put your feet up can make you feel like a queen.

Pregnant woman sitting on a beach in front of the waves. Whether on a beach or just in your favorite easy chair, there’s nothing like sitting down for a while.

2) Removing tight clothing

Many women today wear some type of shape wear, particularly underneath formal dresses and outfits. During pregnancy, however, most women bid these garments goodbye. It is interesting to note, though, that even when clothing isn’t as tight as traditional shape wear, it can still have an effect on pregnant women.

Here’s another satisfaction only women in this position understand: removing a tight piece of clothing in favor of something looser and more flowy. Whether this includes a form-fitting top, a snug pair of pants or undergarments, there’s just something about taking these items off and donning something more comfortable.

Several sources, including the California Pacific Medical Center’s Women & Infants Center, have found that tight clothing – especially garments that are close-fitting around the waist – can lead to heartburn in pregnant women.

“The fullness in the abdomen from the growing uterus, amniotic sac and baby can put pressure on the stomach and force the contents back up the chest,” Livestrong contributor Sarah Harding writes. “The pressure from tight clothing can push on the stomach and force the contents upwards, creating heartburn.”

“Pregnancy causes the body to produce as much as 50 percent more body fluids.”

Pregnancy comes with a change in wardrobe, and selecting looser-fitting items is a key to comfort.

3) Going to the bathroom

It’s no secret that pregnant women often have to visit the ladies’ room far more often than they did before they were with child. Another satisfaction that pregnant women understand comes during these personal moments.

A common, but little-talked about discomfort that affects pregnant women is constipation and associated abdominal pain, noted the American Pregnancy Association. Pregnant women should be sure to drink plenty of water during the day, and it’s best to consult with your health care provider before adding anything new to your diet.

4) Satisfying food cravings

Pregnancy and food cravings go together like biscuits and gravy, and we’re not here to argue with that. When you simply must have fried pickles – or something weirder like barbeque sauce on your PB&J – there’s nothing more satisfying than eating exactly what you’ve been craving.

Andrei Rebarber, associate director of NYU Medical Center’s division of maternal-fetal medicine, noted that while there are multiple theories behind pregnancy food cravings, a mom-to-be’s need for certain foods could be connected to nutrients that her current diet is lacking.

“It’s not that the body actually needs the specific food you are craving, but it may need something in that food,” Rebarber explained. “And your taste buds just interpret it as a craving for something specific.”

So, the next time your significant other complains about being sent on a peanut butter run at 2 a.m., remind your sweetheart that you need these nutrients to curb your cravings.