4 Signs It’s Time to Start Potty Training

When kids are willing to sit on the toilet, they're ready for potty training.

When it comes to their children, parents have many things to look forward to. One of the biggest accomplishments for kids ranging from one to three years old is transitioning from the diaper phase into the potty training stage. With this step comes more independence for little ones – as well as their families. Let’s take a look at some of the ways parents can tell if their youngsters are ready to begin their journey with the lavatory:

“Dry periods show kids’ bladder muscles are strong enough to hold urine.”

1. Nap-time dry periods
Wetting the bed during sleep is a common occurrence for young children, whether it’s overnight or during a short nap. If accidents are still happening during these instances, then kiddos may not be ready to begin potty training. If youngsters are able to make it through a two-hour dry period – or more – then it may be right to ditch the diapers and move to the bathroom for additional autonomy.. This shows that kids’ bladder muscles are strong enough to hold urine through sleep.

2. Vocalizing readiness
When children are finally able to talk, it’s quite a relief for parents. Although they’re able to speak, kids may not be able – or willing – to share information regarding their bladder and bowel movements. When youngsters are ready to vocalize that they’re about to go, are going or have just gone to the bathroom in their diaper, it’s time to begin potty training, Pull-Ups said. Little ones will be able to say when it’s time to rush to the toilet, making the process that much easier for both parents and their offspring.

potty training

3. Willingness to try
Sometimes, the toilet itself can be scary for kids. It can take some time for children to get over the hump and be unafraid to approach the bathroom. Once kiddos are willing to test out the lavatory – even sitting on the toilet – it’s time for families to push forward with potty training, according to Mama Natural. If there’s any resistance, parents can wait another month or two to begin the process.

4. Despising dirty diapers
To adults, it’s understandable why children wouldn’t enjoy sitting in a soiled diaper. It can take kiddos a lot longer to come this realization, however. Once they do start physically showing displeasure or vocalizing their disdain, parents can have confidence that their children will be able to handle potty training.. Furthermore, now that youngsters are displaying the need for cleanliness, adults can avoid dirty diapers as well.

While potty training can be a long process for parents and their children, many families find it preferable to the diaper stage. Every kid is different – advancing at his or her own pace – so there’s no right time to start the experiment. There are certain signs adults can look for to show their youngsters are ready for bathroom training, including dry periods during nap time, vocalization of readiness, willingness to test out the toilet and kids hating dirty diapers.