4 Signs You May Be Nesting

pregnant mom lying in bed

Every pregnancy is different, but there are some common experiences that many women go through during these months. Most women notice their body changing drastically, for instance, and many find themselves searching for the perfect baby names sometime in the second trimester. Another very common pregnancy experience? Nesting.

Nesting is an instinct that some women notice while preparing for the baby, while others don’t. It typically happens during the third trimester of pregnancy, when both the stress and the anticipation of a new baby’s arrival are heightened. Nesting can sometimes be extreme, causing some soon-to-be mothers to deep clean their entire kitchen at 2 a.m. or repaint the living room on a whim. However, there are certain reactions to the instinct that many women experience. Think you may be nesting? Here are four signs you could be right:

1. You have to furnish and decorate the nursery … immediately

One of the most common signs of nesting: a sudden and uncontrollable urge to paint, furnish and decorate the baby’s room. In fact, it’s not uncommon for pregnant women to lose sleep over a nursery that hasn’t been completed or baby necessities that still need to be bought. Try to plan these activities in advance to relieve any stress you may have later on.

2. You can’t help organizing (and reorganizing) the nursery

“Get some help with the heavy-lifting, or resist the urge altogether.”
pregnant mom holding baby clothes
Here are a few signs you may be nesting.

But it’s not just furnishing and decorating the nursery that nesting mothers feel the urge to do – it’s organizing, too. Many women find themselves cleaning (and recleaning) the baby’s clothes regularly, as well as organizing (and reorganizing) the drawers, shelves and closet. This particular activity shouldn’t be an issue – a lot of soon-to-be mothers find it gets them even more excited for the baby’s arrival – but try to avoid moving any heavy furniture by yourself if you feel like rearranging the space. Get some help with the heavy-lifting, or resist the urge altogether.

3. You drop everything to clean

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and found yourself scrubbing the tub and mopping the floor instead of going back to bed, you might be nesting. Many women feel the need to clean when they’re nesting, sometimes dropping what they’re doing to do the dishes or vacuum the rugs. Seeing a spot on a window is enough to start an hours-long cleaning frenzy. If you’ve noticed yourself becoming a bit more anal about the cleanliness of your home, it could be the result of your nesting instinct.

4. You realize your whole house could use some upgrades

Some nesting mothers start to notice all of a sudden the peeling wallpaper in the hall or the scratched countertops in the kitchen. Do what you must to upgrade these items, but don’t use any chemicals or begin climbing on stepladders or ladders.

Remember that not every mother experiences nesting – if you don’t, that’s totally normal! Just sit back, relax and enjoy waiting stress-free for your baby to arrive.