5 Best Viral Pregnancy Announcements

couple's photo booth pregnancy announcement

Telling your husband and family you’re having a baby is one of the most memorable, emotional moments of your life. So why not do something really spectacular — something that will make your pregnancy announcement go viral? Everyone else is doing it!

In the newest gem, Jesse and Melissa Meek of Oregon reveal they’re expecting with a rap to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. You just have to watch it to see why it’s blown up so fast, with almost 5 million views since it was posted Easter Sunday. It’s one of our five picks for the best viral pregnancy announcements that have made the rounds recently.

1. Fresh Prince, Baby. The Meeks’ priceless Fresh Prince of Bel Air pregnancy announcement was shot driving in their car, baseball caps on, as they rapped. You HAVE to watch for the big reveal at the end — there’s a twist! And how did she keep a straight face that whole time?

2.  Pregnant in a Photo Booth. Jessica Devins (pictured above) surprised husband Michael with her baby news in a photo booth on Christmas Eve, and it’s so sweet and touching, we dare you not to cry. She holds up a hat with “Baby” written on it right before the camera snaps the picture, and his tearful, happy reaction is worth a thousand words. It now has almost 14.5 million views.

3. Screaming Sisters. After these parents found out they were having a baby, they had their two older daughters open “Big Sister” and “Big Sister … Again” cakes together. Their squeals of delight are completely adorbs, especially when the older one says, “You’re going to be a big sister!” to the younger and gives her the best hug ever. Melting! No wonder it’s been watched almost 4 million times!

4. The Pictures of a Lifetime. Mom-to-be Camille Averett and photographer Kendra Swalls conspired to announce Averett’s pregnancy to husband Kyle  as they were shooting pictures for their “Christmas card.” How sly! Wait til you see how Camille shares the news. It’s brilliant, and so poignant. With more than 235,000 likes and 16,000 plus shares on Swalls’ Facebook page, it’s obviously captured many, many hearts.

5. Hating on Girls. How could we forget this “baby reveal gone wrong” to the couple’s two little girls and son Gunner? They give the kids the gender reveal cake and when Gunner sees it’s pink, he has the meltdown to end all meltdowns. “I hate girls!” he screeches. “Girls, girls, girls, girls!” He even refused to eat the cake! If you missed it, check it out to see why it’s been watched more than 5 million times since it was posted a year ago. Later our boy said he was happy about a third sister. Hmm …

What’s your favorite recent viral pregnancy announcement? Or are you tired of them?