5 Great Holiday Gifts for Toddlers

KID'Sleep Toddler Alarm Clock

It can be difficult to come up with toddler gift ideas. You don’t want to get something they already have (another stuffed animal? YAWN). You do want to get something they’ll like (but not a set of expensive and loud pots and pans). And it would be nice if that something were unusual in some way (but not, say, an iguana).

Check out these off-the-beaten path–yet fun and functional–gift ideas for the lucky tots in your life.

1. Darth Vader and Son book

“Luke, I am your father,” takes on a new meaning in this hilarious book starring Daddy Darth, as he navigates the universal battles (and joys) of parenthood. Based on actual events from the original Star Wars trilogy, this book is equally fun for parents, as they attempt to identify film reference. At Amazon, $8.49.

2. The Tallest Tree Stacking Blocks

Made from recycled cardboard (which one would hope, coming from a National Park) these unique stacking blocks could double as a height measuring chart — How many branches tall are you today? At Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, $19.95.

3. DIY Fort Building Kit

Who didn’t build forts by draping blankets over chairs and dressers as a kid? No matter how many books you’d stack up to hold the sheets in place, they’d inevitably tumble down with the slightest tug. Problem solved with this DIY Fort Building Kit–you make the kit as per this DIY video, and then wrap it up! All the more special that it’s made by you. Follow instructions at KIN DIY.

4. Plan Toys Musical Band

This is probably a gift you’ll either be receiving or giving to someone else, because we all know drums make noise. But we also know that kids love to make a racket! With this new product from beloved brand, Plan Toys, the next Ringo Starr is in the making. At Amazon, $41.

5. KID’Sleep Toddler Alarm Clock

It could be argued this is more a present for the parents (who might need a full nights’ sleep after someone’s been drumming all day). This alarm clock teaches kids about time; specifically what time is too early to wake everyone up. If the bunny is still sleeping, you should be too. At Amazon, $39.95.

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