5 Great iPhone Apps for Editing and Sharing Photos of Your Baby

Screenshot from phone of iphone photo app

Let these mommy’s little photo helpers take your pics from “aw” to “wow!”

Last week I gave you 3 quick tips to take better photos of your baby, and talked about how it’s OK if your iPhone is the camera that you use the most. After all, it’s the camera you most likely have on you at all times and it’s great for capturing natural, every day moments.

I also talked about how editing your photos can significantly improve your photos even without learning anything about taking better photos, and I mentioned a couple of my favorite iPhone apps.

Today I’m going to give you a more complete list of my top 5 favorite photo editing iPhone apps. These are pretty much the only apps I ever use. I know there are many other good ones but these are the apps I go back to over and over because they do everything I need.

Then join me each Monday for the next five weeks as I’ll get into more detail about each app and how to best use it on your gorgeous new baby photos!

camera plus app logo

1) Camera+ is hands down my favorite iPhone app and if you only want to use one, this is the one I recommend. The app offers a great set of scenes, filters and borders, all of which can be applied separately and layered on top of one another.

The thing I like best about Camera+ is that you can adjust the intensity of each filter, allowing for a lot more control and creativity than many other apps. I use Camera+ to edit pretty much every iPhone photo that I share!

snap seed logo

2) Snapseed is a great app as well. The filters are a little retro for my taste (my style is more contemporary) but I like that you can adjust controls such as brightness, contrast, saturation and white balance.

You can also “straighten” your photos which can come in handy and there are many other features for you to play with as well. Check out the “drama” filter, it’s one of my favorites.

photogene logo app

3) Photogene2 is a very sophisticated photo editing app with many advanced controls that, if you’re just starting out with photography, you’re unlikely to know what to do with! Don’t worry though, I’ll talk you through the most useful ones when I talk about Photogene2 in more depth in a few weeks.

In the meantime, while I am once again not a fan of the filters (in this case they are called “presets”) play around with some of the controls under “adjust”. You can even do some basic retouching! Try removing that scratch on your baby’s face or the burp cloth on the floor in the background.

diptic app logo

4) Diptic gives you a fun and easy way to create collages of photos (not just diptics of two photos) and to also apply some simple edits to those photos.

Collages are a great way to share several moments from one event without clogging up your friends’ facebook feeds with multiple photos, or showing a series of moments together in one image to tell a story, say, a sequence of expressions as your baby tries their first solid food.

instagram app logo

 Instagram has skyrocketed in popularity lately and I have to admit that up until recently I resisted joining in. When I looked at it a couple of years ago, I didn’t like how you had to share a photo in order to save it. I still don’t, but my solution has been to use other apps to edit and save my photos before importing them into Instagram and posting them, because I do love the social media/sharing aspect that is purely for photos – there really is no other platform like it. And yes, the filters are great and will make almost any iPhone photo look better, so if you’re looking for a really easy way to start editing your photos, Instagram is a great way to start.

What are your favorite iPhone apps? Follow me on Twitter (@aletheafitz) and let me know!