5 Great Toy Storage Solutions

toy storage

If you have children, and especially toddlers, you know how OUT OF CONTROL your house can get with toys. Toys piled up in the living room, toys in the bedroom, missing puzzle pieces under the couch, books thrown onto the ground. HOT MESS. Now I pretty much guarantee your child won’t turn into Mr. Clean overnight, and as much as you clean up after them, they are bound to destroy again. However, there are some things you can do to at least keep their toys as organized and as clean as possible. At the very least, once they go to bed, you can appreciate a clean sanctuary of a living room once again.

Here are 5 great toy storage solutions:

Canvas Bins or Baskets

Keep these bins and baskets in different parts of the house…maybe one in the living room, a few in the bedroom, or wherever else your child tends to hang out on a regular basis. They can be any size you like from large to small, and you can fill them with an assortment of toys that you rotate out on a regular basis to keep things new and fresh, or if you are super organized you can assign each bin to something particular (stuffed animals in one, books in another, wooden toys, etc.) When you are finished with them for the day, a book shelf is a great place to store the bins.


Puzzle Storage

I have seen a few great storage methods for puzzle pieces, and currently use one of them in my house. The first are vintage lunchboxes. One box can fit pieces from about 2-3 puzzles, and when your child is done playing with them the box closes and voila, no missing puzzle pieces. My toddler has yet to be able to open the lunchbox on his own, so he needs me to help, but it’s much better than searching for the number 2 missing from the puzzle for weeks on end, in my opinion. My OCD brain just can’t take it. Another great idea are plastic bins with closures and pencil pouches that zip. I have seen some wire puzzle racks that initially looked like a good idea to me, but basically if my son can get to the puzzles on his own, that means the pieces will be thrown all around the house and never found again. So some type of enclosure for the pieces works best for us. A drawstring peek-a-boo bag is another great option, and can also be used for Lego storage.


Jars for Craft Storage

This is a great idea for those tiny little craft pieces you don’t want to have missing around the house. Great for beads, jewels, cotton balls, popsicle sticks, glitter containers, crayons, markers, or whatever else you like to craft with. The jars screwed on tight will ensure clean storage for crafty kid projects.


Over the Door Storage (i.e. Shoe Organizer)

This is a great method for toy storage that doesn’t take up too much space! These shoe pouches are great for storing things like dolls, figurines, arts & crafts, or small stuffed animals.


Hanging Baskets

Garden baskets screwed into the wall not only make great wall décor, but they double as an excellent storage unit for things like stuffed animals or books. For bath toys, I have seen people use fruit baskets that hang in the shower for storage.


Kids will be kids…and that means they will be messy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to create a little organization in our lives right? Hopefully these tips will be helpful in creating a clean, fun, organized environment for your child to play. Have you tried any of these methods in the past? Which ones work best for you? Are there any other toy storage solutions that you would add to this list?