Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Dad

He’s your husband, your honey, your baby-daddy. No matter what you call him, chances are he’s done good for you (even if he’s driven you a little nuts at times) this year. Show your love and appreciation with some thoughtful gifts tailored to the harder-to-shop-for gender.


1) Instant Bartender Tool

A 10-in-one tool that’s the Swiss Amy Knife of cocktails will keep him making delicious glasses of joy this holiday season and beyond. It’s got everything from a zester to a corkscrew to a muddler. The Bar10der(get it?) is at Uncommon Goods for $50.


2) Skeledog T-Shirt

Maybe he needs another tee like he needs another tie, but Skeledog t-shirts are cool, with X-ray versions of commonly owned dog breeds, silkscreened on a high quality American Apparel t-shirt. Fun, useful, and even educational when the wee one inevitably says, “Daddy, what’s that?” while pointing to the pup on his chest. At, $25.


3) An iPhone Telephoto Lens

He can simply attach this new gadget to his iPhone and instantly give it a 12x zoom. Perfect for vacations, catching the little one from afar, and just plain messing around with a fun gadget.  Make sure you get the version that’s compatible with his specific iPhone. At Amazon, $20.


4) Natural, Manly Skin Care

This gift set from Sam’s Natural on Etsy is packed with good stuff for groomable dudes–aftershave, deodorant, lotion, and more. All in really stylie yet masculine packaging. At Sam’s Natural on Etsy, $35.


5) The iPad Mini

Has he been extra-good this year? Then hook him up with the new iPad Mini, a thing of technological beauty. He can watch movies, make movies, surf the web, read bedtime stories, and answer email all in one freshly compact device. And you get to “borrow” it too. At Amazon, starting at $241.99.

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