5 Modern Must Try Popsicles

I love it when my kids eat popsicles. I know popsicles can be messy or “too cold!”, but they are always refreshing on a hot day, and serious time buyers: I get at least 10 minutes per popsicle of quiet while the kiddos concentrate on slurping. I grew up with popsicles — orange juice popsicles that we’d work so hard on, sucking all the sweet juice out to leave a translucent stalagmite of ice on a stick — yum. Popsicles have since grown up, and an orange juice popsicle is almost retro! (Yes, I feel old.)

Here’s how to keep your (hot) self (+kids) cool this summer with 5 modern must try popsicles:

  1. The paleo chocolate coconut popsicle: 1 can full fat coconut milk (every paleolithic mom’s best friend) + ⅓ cup cocoa powder + 2 Tbs maple syrup. Whiz or whisk vigorously. Pour into molds and freeze. Pop them out and enjoy basking in a cool chocolate, low sugar heaven. You have to try it to believe it. And don’t worry if the mix looks a little bumpy, it magically smoothes out in the freezing.
  2. Yogurt popsicle: These are so easy to make and so good, I wonder why we haven’t been eating these for years! Take any fruited yogurt, or make your own by adding fruit to plain yogurt, pour into molds, and freeze. Easy peasy, and so yummy.
  3. Avacado and Banana popsicle: I know it sounds weird and daring, but give it a shot, I did! And happily lived to tell you all about it. The recipe is very simple: 1 banana (ripe) + 1 avacado (also ripe) + ½ cup greek yogurt, blended and poured/spooned into molds and frozen. You will end up with a lovely creamy  green popsicle both delicious and nutritious. And weird but worth it! From the sweet website cupcakesandkalechips
  4. Lychee juice popsicle: A big update from orange, lychee juice is sweet and pale (won’t stain clothes!) and exotic all at once. Plus it’s fun to say: Lycheeee!
  5. Blended fruit popsicle: Simple and perfect and great for using up what is ripening on your counter or for frozen fruit in your freezer when nothing is on your counter! Take mango chunks, strawberries, raspberries, or whatever you like and blend with a bit of sugar and maybe some lime or lemon juice for extra zest. You can also blend the fruit separately and layer for an extra fancy looking popsicle

I’ve decided that this summer will be summer of the popsicle for my family. I’m looking forward to discovering more and more interesting and delectable fillings. An heirloom tomato popsicle anyone? Maybe as a stir stick for a bloody mary? Mmmm. Can’t wait!

What are your summer favorite popsicle recipes! Please share!