5 of the Greatest Things About Having a Sibling

siblings reading bedtime stories

If you’re the mom of two or more children and have brothers and sisters of your own, you know how special siblings are. And since National Siblings Day is coming up, we think now is as good a time as any to talk about what’s so wonderful about growing up with brothers and sisters.

Here are five of the greatest things about having a sibling.

1. Constant companion. Having a sibling means a child always has a friend at home to play with, a constant companion to share life with. Sure, brothers and sisters fight, but above all, they love each other and enjoy spending time together. Giving your children siblings is a good way to ensure they won’t be alone.

2. More toys. One of the best things about having a brother or sister are all the toys kids have to play with! It’s double the toys with two children, triple with three. How cool is that?

3. A built-in road trip buddy. Having a sibling means a child always has a buddy for those family vacations with Mom and Dad. That way, there’s always another little someone to hang out with and talk to during those long car, plane and train rides, making those trips all the more fun.

4. Someone to look up to and learn from. With a brother or sister, a kid has someone to learn from and look up to at home other than Mommy and Daddy. It doesn’t matter if the sibling is younger or older, either. Brothers and sisters can always teach each other new things, whether it’s how to share or what to do to get good grades in school. And having a role model to grow up with is so important.

5. Someone who understands like no one else can. Because siblings share parents and are raised in the same house, they understand each other in a way that no one else ever will. It means to much to have that special bond growing up. Only siblings fully get the intricacies of being part of that family and sharing the same DNA. Having a sibling means a child will always have someone in her life who knew her from the very beginning.

What are some other great things about having a sibling?