5 Times You Should Consider Renting a Stroller

baby in stroller

If you’re the parent of a baby or a toddler, your stroller is one of those staples it’s hard to imagine living without. You get so much use out of it, not buying one is almost unthinkable.

But believe it or not, there are occasions when renting a stroller might be a better option than bringing your own — for convenience sake alone, in some cases. Here are the top five times you should consider renting a stroller.

1. At Disney. Stroller rental at Disney theme parks is actually pretty affordable — $15 a day or just $13 a day if you rent it for multiple days. (For a double stroller, it’s a bit pricier at $31 a day or $27 for a multi-day rental). Considering everything else you’ll need to pack for a trip to Disney — which involves a flight for most people — it might well be worth leaving your stroller at home and lightening your load in favor of renting one once you get there.

2. In New York City. A family trip to New York City is another one that typically requires a lot of luggage — and a ton of walking around. There’s no way you can do it with a baby or toddler without a stroller (unless you opt for a baby sling, but that will start feeling very heavy very quickly while you’re running around the streets of New York). There are plenty of baby gear rental companies that serve New York, including Baby’s Away, which charges $8-$12 a day to rent a single stroller, or $48-$72 for the week ($10-$18 a day for a double; $60-$105 for the week).

3. At the zoo. The zoo is another place you should definitely consider renting a stroller rather than bringing your own. Some zoo exhibits do not allow you in with a stroller, so leaving yours outside puts it at risk of being stolen. The fees are fairly affordable; stroller rentals at the San Diego Zoo, for example, cost $12 a day for a single and $16 for a side-by-side double. At the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C., renting a single stroller costs $9 a day and a double $12 a day.

4. At the beach. A family beach vacation is super fun, but the supplies you have to pack — especially if you’re traveling with a baby or toddler — can be over the top. If you’re trying to streamline all that stuff and don’t want your stroller to come back full of sand, you might consider leaving it at home and renting one instead. Various baby gear companies like Baby’s Away and others offer stroller rentals at all sorts of seaside towns; costs vary by location.

5. On a cruise. If you’re bringing baby on a cruise, the stroller you have at home could easily take up most of your cabin. Ditch it in favor of renting one onboard — but check with your cruise line first to make sure they offer stroller rentals, as not all do. Carnival does rent strollers, for instance — for a total of $30 for a five-day cruise or $8 a day for three- or four-day cruises.

Would you ever consider renting a stroller instead of bringing your own? When?