5 Ways to Avoid Locking Your Baby in the Car

baby buckled in carseat

By now you’ve probably heard what happened to brand new mom Carrie Underwood, right? The country pop singer says her naughty dogs accidentally locked themselves, her 4-month-old baby boy Isaiah and her keys inside her hot car. It’s the perfect recipe for a heart attack when you’re a mom, especially a first-time mom with an infant that young.

Luckily, quick-thinking Underwood, 32, and her brother-in-law broke the window and got the baby and pets out quickly before anyone got hurt.

Locking the car door with a little one and the keys inside could happen to any of us. So how can we prevent it? Here are are five ways to avoid locking your baby in the car.

1. Keep an extra set of car keys tucked into your purse and another under your front door mat, in an outdoor potted plant, in the garage or anywhere else that makes sense. That way, you won’t have a panic attack if one set gets locked in the car.

2. By a clip-on keychain, like a rock climber’s carabiner, to ensure you’ll always have your keys on you — literally.

3. Child-proof your car locks (and windows) from the inside. Make sure the locks on at least the backseat doors can be disabled. It’s the only way to really ensure that kids, dogs and other pets won’t be able to get stuck inside.

4. Do a methodical check that you have your keys before locking the door … every.single.time. I’ve programmed myself to do this, and it really works. Carrying your keys in the same place consistently — like a handbag or front pants pocket — helps too.

5. When you’re driving somewhere, try to load kids and animals into the car last. This will hopefully prevent them from getting into trouble like Underwood’s mischievous pooches did.

Have you ever locked your baby or child into the car? What did you do and how have you tried to stop it from happening again?