65-Year-Old Pregnant with Quadruplets

pregnant at 65

We all know having and taking care of a child is hard work. Sometimes it feels as though mining for coal would be easier. Add one or two more kids in the mix and that work just multiples. Whether you decide to pick up your “mom hat” at a young age or later in life, being a mother is a tiring job.

Since we all know this to be true, what if you were 65 years-old and expecting quadruplets? Yes, I said 65 and pregnant with four babies at once. That’s what’s happening right now in the life of one German woman. nnegret Raunigk is five months pregnant with quadruplets. She is already the mother of 13 children ages 9-44 as well as a grandmother of seven children.

Raunigk had several failed insemination’s over the past year and a half before this one took. She says she was shocked to learn she had four fetuses growing inside of her. The pregnancy is considered high-risk for both Raunigk and the babies, but she says she’s healthy and feeling fine and ready.

Why would a 65-year-old woman with so many children already want to have more? Raunigk says she wanted to give her nine-year-old daughter a playmate. That reason has the internet lighting up with people asking all types of questions. “Couldn’t she have just bought a dog?” “Why couldn’t she find some other kids for her daughter to play with instead?” The list goes on.

Others call the move selfish, seeing that she will be in her 80’s while raising a teenager. Many wonder how she will adequately be able to take care of all of the kids. Other questions if she’ll even live long enough to raise them at all!

While many women are waiting until later in life to have kids, many think Raunigk’s decision isn’t a good one for anyone involved. It’s a lot to handle for a mother at a younger age, never mind a 65-year-old who has already had 13 other children over her lifetime.

While many eyes will be on Raunigk as she gets further along in her pregnancy, she says all the criticism doesn’t bother her. We’ll see what happens when her due date rolls around this summer.

Do you think Raunigk’s decision is selfish? Do you think a 65-year-old woman should get pregnant?