7 Reasons I Can’t Wait to Not Be Pregnant Anymore

Some women love to be pregnant, but count me out! Even though I really don’t have much to complain about it, I sometimes do anyway (I mean, you have to take advantage when you can, right?). Here are seven reasons why I’ll be happy when this 40-week wait is over:

1. Fewer trips to the bathroom: We preggo mamas rarely make it a night’s sleep without a trip to the bathroom, and never through a whole shopping trip. On the bright side, I guess the hovering squat over a public toilet could be considered preparation for childbirth.

2. Wine, sushi, lunch meat: In my non-pregnant life I rarely indulge in these forbidden foods. But since I can’t have them, of course I am craving them. Especially wine. Do you think the hospital staff will judge me if I uncork a bottle of red immediately after delivering?

3. Sleeping on my back: Side sleeping is my number #2 favorite position, so not too much of an adjustment there. But sometimes I would just love to sprawl out on my back without immediately losing all circulation to my heart and brain!

4. A non-itchy belly: Not only does my bump itch, but it’s slightly pink! It’s a pig belly!

5. Ditching the waddle: It’s ever so slight now, but it’s sure to get worse in the coming months. It’s like I’m a real mama duck! That combined with the heaving motion required to propel my body to standing position = not graceful.

6. Losing the baby weight: The pounds are going to a good cause, I know. But it’s still hard to watch the scale creep up—and my semi-toned shape disappear—as the months go by.

7. In-utero worries: I’m plagued by concern about something going wrong in the “baking process.” Is my baby girl all right in there? I want to count all of her fingers and toes.

And then, a few reasons why being pregnant is not so bad:

1. Baby movement: I never get tired of feeling my little one kicking me. It’s like she’s already talking: Hey mom, I’m in here! My son and husband can feel it from the outside, but that’s nothing compared the sensation of a baby swimming around inside of you.

2. The instant conversation piece: Small talk is not my speciality, so sometimes I find it hard to strike up conversation with the parents at my son’s new preschool. The bump takes care of that. Plus, it makes me memorable!

3. Appreciation of the wow factor: It is crazy what can happen in nine months, amazing that a woman’s body can grow a new life, and absolutely miraculous that healthy, beautiful babies arrive into this world every day! It’s truly astounding.