8 Apps to Entertain Kids for Easter – and After

Easter Eggs

Little kids (and tiny ones) love touchscreens. Sometimes it’s hard to convince them that not every screen is a touchscreen. The iTunes App Store has thousands (no joke, thousands) of apps aimed at youngsters, from storybooks to educational titles to “just one more level” games. I went hunting for Easter-themed apps and found enough to fill a basket…

Pat the Bunny

This interactive storybook app got a fresh update for spring, including Easter egg hunts on every single page, and a lovely finger-painting mode. It’s $3.99, and universal for iPad and iPhone (and of course, every iPhone app works on the iPod touch).

Bunnyfur’s Easter Eggs

Bunnyfur’s story has your child touching eggs to decorate them, dragging them to an Easter basket, tapping them to crack them open, and making the creatures sing. It’s over pretty quickly, but each page has a lot to interact with. The free app is universal for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living

Let Martha Stewart guide you and your kids to make the coolest Easter eggs you’ve ever seen. This 99-cent iPhone app is packed with ideas, from eggs that look like animals to intricate-looking designs that are still easy to pull off. Step-by-step instructions with lots of photos and videos will help you decorate like Martha!

ClickySticky Easter

This beautiful, 99-cent iPad app works like a virtual sticker book. You can decorate eggs, build an Easter basket, create fun Easter themes and save your creations to the iPad’s Camera Roll for emailing to friends or to Grandma.

Easter Egg Coloring Book

This universal app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch is free to download, but it has ads until you pay 99 cents (via in-app purchase) to remove them. Your kids can color 21 Easter-themed images, or draw their own, with plenty of virtual crayons, in “freestyle” mode or “in the lines” mode that keeps your pint-sized Picassos corralled.

Egg Punch

In this miniature golf-ish arcade-puzzle game, your kids will slingshot an egg-encased chick inside around a course, careening off walls and chasing a wascally wabbit. It’s 99 cents for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.

Sneezies Easter Edition

More addictive than Cadbury eggs, this puzzle-action game has you dropping sneezing powder on the “Sneezies,” who are trapped in bubbles. When they sneeze, the bubbles burst, and you try to set off chain reactions. This 99-cent iPhone/iPod touch version has an all-Easter theme, bright colors, and more cuteness than you can fit in a grass-lined basket.

Passover: The Journey to Freedom from StoryChimes

Universal for iPad and iPhone, this lushly illustrated storybook tells the story of Exodus, with the familiar “when you hear the chime, turn the page!” prompts and a smooth page-turning feel. A free version is available, but it’s worth the 99 cents to ditch the ads.