8 Ways to Get Your Baby to Try New Foods

Baby unwilling for feeding

Starting solid food is an exciting time in a babys life. After an exclusively liquid diet, you might think all babies would be quick to welcome new flavors and textures, but that is not always the case. In fact it is pretty normal if you need to encourage your baby to try new foods. Be patient with your baby as you introduce different tastes, and check out these eight things to try as you transition your little one to solids.

[tps_title]Start Small [/tps_title]

1. Start Small

Baby boy eating with spoon at home in highchair

Since the majority of your babys nutrition is coming from breast or bottle, the first few months of solid food are primarily to practice eating. She may still have a strong gag reflex, so you do not want to overwhelm your baby with huge spoonfuls of food. Instead, offer just a tiny taste of a new food. If your little one opens her mouth and tries it, that is a win!