A Baby Convo

mother with her baby boy

She’s chunky and makes monster noises. She can eat a jar and a half of food in one sitting. She’s content in my lap for hours. She falls asleep to my singing “Why Georgia.” She coos and grunts. She rubs her face against mine when she’s tired. She’s incredibly determined…

She’s just the raddest little girl ever.

So, I asked her to join me on this blog post for a little mommy/ baby convo.


t.r.m.: How are you today??

H: MmmmmMMMGggggguuunnnnnnttt!

t.r.m.: um….ok. Do you want to do this thing or what??

H: ummmHAHAkkkkkkuuugggyeahhhahah

t.r.m.: that’s more like it… So far it’s been a pretty decent day wouldn’t you say???

H: aaaaaAAASAAASSAaaaaaaAaaa!!

t.r.m. : yes, I know your brother took his toy away that you can NOT chew on but he was pretty upset. I had to choose sides.

H: grrerRRRRgggggggggTRtttttt

t.r.m. : I’m sorry you don’t think it’s fair but it was his toy and unsafe for you…


t.r.m. : I do NOT like your brother better than you. It’s not about that.

H: ehhhhEEMMMppphhhhffftttt….

t.r.m. : Now, you listen here, lady! I don’t appreciate your tone!
We can discuss this rationally and….

H: aaaaaZzzzzzzzzpppppttttttt. AAKk!!

t.r.m. : obviously you are in no state to have a discussion. Maybe you need a nap….



I guess we are done here. Tune in again for another riveting convo. Next time, I’ll make sure she gets a nap in.