A Baby Named Hashtag – Not Amused

a link of hashtag blocks

It has become increasingly trendy, despite the occasional backlash, to choose interesting, exotic, and even bizarre names for new babies. From food to cities to comics, everything seems to be inspiring the next popular baby name. So should it be a surprise that social media has been coining new names?

Apparently the answer is yes, as the internet is abuzz this week with the news of a mother who allegedly posted a picture on Facebook of her newborn daughter named Hashtag Jameson.

This time, the Jamesons have skipped over the choice of Twitter and instead have chosen a noun that the social network has made into a trend in and of itself. ‘Hashtag’ has moved beyond use just on the Twitter platform. Who hasn’t heard ‘hashtag’ used in daily speech or seen it used in emails, blog posts, and articles?

We can’t help but think this is only the beginning. What other social network inspired names will be joining baby Hashtag in the future? Retweet? Blog? Newsfeed?

We might be joking around a little, but why not? Changes and trends in everyday life has been inspiring names for centuries. Look at how many babies there are with names Lexus and Nautica.

Why should social media, which has become a significant part of our world, be any different? Besides, we think Pinterest would make a lovely name.

What do you think of Hashtag as a baby name? What other names could be inspired by the Internet or social media?