A Frill-Free Pregnancy Timeline

There are dozens and dozens of pregnancy calendars out there, but here’s one in a cool new style: the Visible Embryo Pregnancy Timeline.

The chart takes you from 0 to 40 weeks, detailing the changes in both mom and baby on the same page. Click on a trimester to see a handy chart covering maternal symptoms and their possible causes. Hover your mouse over the numbers along the bottom of the timeline, and the pop-up text gives you a quick fact about fetal development during that gestational week. When you click on those numbers, you’ll open a page of in-depth information about that week, including size and weight of the baby, size of the mother’s uterus, detailed notes about the baby’s developing body, and of course an illustration showing what the fetus looks like at that stage.

As these things go, The Visible Embryo is not a cutesy, touchy-feely site decorated with butterflies and rainbows, and although the information is still easy to understand, it’s definitely got a scientific edge that other popular pregnancy calendars don’t. (The site was initially designed as an online teaching tool for first-year med students.) What a great resource for mothers (and fathers!) who prefers nuts and bolts to flowers and teddy bears.

The site contains much more than just the pregnancy timeline too, so click around and see what you think.