A Great Christmas Gift for Both You and Your Baby

smart trikes

SmarTrike’s 5-in-1 Trikes Grow With Your Child

The best baby gear is the kind that grows with your kid, right, mamas? It’s such a bummer when you spend a lot of money for some gadget or accessory only to have your little one be too big for it the next season.

Which is why I want to be strategic when it comes to getting my little girl a trike. She keeps telling me, “want bi, mama.” We’re planning on getting her some wheels for Christmas. I’m excited to get her outside and active. The trouble is, while she thinks she’s a six-year-old boy (thanks to a very influential older brother and his friends) who can ride a “bi,” she’s just a tiny toddler. Her little legs are not even up for pedaling yet! But I’m reluctant to buy a plastic “starter trike” that she’ll only be interested in for a few months.The Original SmarTrike® - Stage 3 - 18m+

It’s for all of these reasons that I’m impressed by the smarTrike®. These globally best-selling 5-in-1 trikes really do grow up with your child and they have so many awesome features to make parents happy too. You can start using the smarTrike® with a child as young as ten months, when the padded upper–back support seat and shock absorber provide a smooth ride similar to a stroller. The 360° swivel wheel makes it so easy to steer and the seat reclines in case your baby likes to nap on the go. Around 18 months, you start adapting your smarTrike® to a training trike, and then to a learning-how-to-pedal trike, all the way up to fully-functioning traditional independent trike, when your child is near three years old. Every adjustment is easy, right up to the final stage when you transform your smarTrike® from being under parental control (with the push handle) into a traditional trike for your little one, now a master pedaler!

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My little girl is at the stage two use of the trike, what smarTrike® calls “guided trike”: she can practice sitting on the trike seat and holding the handlebars while I push her down the sidewalk using the parent handle (smarTrike® has patented Touch Steering® technology navigation which makes guiding it as easy as using a stroller). In a few months, she’ll be ready to practice pedaling as we fold in the footrest and convert the smarTrike® to a training trike. Thank goodness we’ll keep the telescopic parent handle for those times when she decides she just wants to sit back and coast! Here’s a trike you won’t have to pick up and carry home when your tot mysteriously goes on strike an unfortunate distance from home (this will happen).

Once she’s mastered pedaling, that handle can come off and a quick push of a button transforms the smarTrike®to a classic trike. But we’re not there yet! In the meantime, she can sit back and enjoy the sun UV extendable canopy, bottle holder, and toy phone (oh, to go back and be a kid again in today’s world! What a life!).

Purchasing a smarTrike® basically guarantees we’ll get outside and moving more, which is always a daily goal–plus all that energy burned practically insures a better, longer naptime. So a smarTrike® under the tree is a win-win (or is that a win-win-win-win-win?) for us. Maybe I’ll wrap it up again next year and tuck it under the tree. Because it’s one piece of gear we’ll still be using come future Christmases, hooray!

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