A Great Way to Find Your Baby’s Foot Size

The Foot Fairy is an ingenious way to find the correct size footwear for your infant or toddler. The app uses the iPad’s scanning abilities to help you  get an accurate measurement. Here’s how it works:

 You remove any footwear from your baby’s foot (including socks).  Place your child’s foot directly on the screen.

Do not allow your child to step down on your ipad. Have an adult hold your child and place their foot FLAT onto the screen.

Make sure their foot is on the screen as it is displayed. Allow app to  scan their foot.

THAT’S IT!! The application will provide information on your child’s size. Easy and convinenent. No more having to guess the size based on age or have someone try and measure your squirmy little guy.

Is this an application you think you’d might use?