Adele’s Baby Name Is Out, Finally

laughing baby under blanket

Well, that took a million years in Internet news cycle time! Adele has semi-announced her baby’s name, Angelo James Konecki. According to news reports, Adele let the name “slip,” by wearing a gold nameplate necklace that read, “Angelo.”

The singer has fiercely guarded her child’s name since he was born in October, because she said, “it’s sacred,” “I’m not ready,” and went so far as to keep his birth certificate nameless. Not sure what all that means–whether it’s part of a spiritual tradition, personal preference for privacy, or just wacky celebrity-ism at work. No matter, it’s a cute, very  Italian and Greek name that means “angel” or “messenger.” And James has Hebrew and English origins; both mean “supplanter.”

Best of luck to Adele and the angelic supplanter!