Adorable Photo-Friendly Winter Outfits

Portrait of little toddler boy in winter clothes with falling snow

Winter often strikes dread into the hearts of parents—evenings that turn dark so early and being stuck inside with active kids is no fun, and not so great for photography either.

But until it gets really cold outside, don’t rule out outdoor photography. With everyone bundled up warmly, winter light can be gorgeous and soft and diffuse, great for photographing your kids, even if it’s during the walk to school.

In case you haven’t bought your kid’s winter gear yet, here are some suggestions:

1. Go for bright colors.

The landscape is likely to be more stark during the winter so now is the time to go for a bright colors that create contrast and pop in your photos.

Confession: I loved the red puffy coat from the Gap that Liam wore for the last two winters that after much research, I ended up buying the same coat again in a larger size for Liam and a smaller size for Jack! This coat works so well for photos, especially in the snow (only the vest is currently available in toddler sizes).

Other options include Patagonia, Hannah Andersson and Land’s End.

2. Hats are awesome.

Nothing “makes” a winter photo like a really great hat.

For babies and toddlers, anything with ears instantly quadruples the cuteness factor. Seriously!  I don’t like to get overly cutesy, but I cannot resist a hat with ears.

I also like the style of hat with the ear flaps. For photos, the hat frames the face nicely and looks great.

For older kids, the texture of a knitted hat in the softness of winter light adds a great touch in photos.

3. Jeans

You can’t go wrong with denim! Of course I realize my bias as a mom of two boys for whom jeans are pretty much a uniform, but if your kids are the same, there is no reason to do anything different.

For girls there are a lot more options… we’ll save those for another blog post!