Am I in Labor? Learn About The Signs of Labor

Pregnant Woman In Pain with Hand on Her Belly While Husband Uses Cell Phone Outside.

The time leading up to the arrival of your little boy or girl can be both exciting and challenging. Pregnancy is marked by milestones, as parents learn more about their baby’s growth through every trimester. When mothers approach the last few weeks of their due date, delivery will be on their minds. Yet, even families who’ve had children before can miss certain signs of labor. Here’s what moms and dads can expect when their little one is on his or her way.


Your water will break, but it most likely won’t be like you’ve seen in the movies. Prior to this moment, moms will experience strong and regular contractions. Labor isn’t immediate after your water breaks, but it is right around the corner, so parents should make their way to a medical professional.

It’s common for expectant mothers to feel tired and run down during their pregnancy. While waking up feeling energized and motivated is a welcome change, it could also foreshadow labor. The nesting period could make moms feel a sense of urgency to complete certain tasks before the baby’s arrival, but it’s important to stay relaxed and rest.

a pregnant woman going into labor

During pregnancy, a mother may experience shortness of breath due to the baby’s position on her pelvis. Being able to breathe more easily may be a sign that it is time to deliver the child. This lightening results from the little one settling deeper into the mother’s pelvis and relieving some of the pressure on her diaphragm. More pressure on your bladder may be a side effect of this change.

Does your back hurt? Pregnant women are used to a little back pain, but it it becomes more than just an ache you may be in labor. This sensation occurs as the child descends the birth canal with his or her skull hitting the mom’s spine.

If you witness or experience any of these bodily occurrences, it could be time for the baby’s delivery. Contact or visit medical professionals, depending on your birth plan.