Another Old-Fashioned New Baby: Drew Barrymore Welcomes Olive

Drew Barrymore

Actress Drew Barrymore and her husband Will Kopelman announced the birth of their daughter, Olive via a statement to PeopleOlive Barrymore Kopelman is the first child for the newlyweds.

We last saw Olive used by actress Isla Fisher and husband Sasha Baron-Cohen for their elder daughter, born in 2007. Olive is another of many Old Lady Names that seem to be making a comeback among those looking for classic but unusual names. Like Carson Daly’s new daughter Etta, and Tori Spelling’s Hattie, this name is not currently popular but may strike a chord with current namers looking for inspiration from the past. This particular 19th century favorite had a 50-year absence from the baby name charts, before rising again ­—possibly buoyed by current #4, sound-alike (but unrelated) Olivia.

In its most popular year, Olive came in at #82 way back in 1893. That year’s top 100 included current no-gos: Edna, Gladys, and Gertrude, as well as recent celebrity picks Ella, Ruby, and Sadie. With its lack of trendy –a or –ie ending, we once might have thought Olive would be confined to the same dusty corridors of history as Mildred or Myrtle, but thanks to a few parents who take the leap, we may seem some 1890s favorites return.

While Drew may have taken a look back at 1890’s names, another possible inspiration is a TV Christmas special she did in 1999 (as our fellow bloggers and a commenter noted). Drew was the voice of the titular character in Olive, The Other Reindeer. We love the idea of this character sticking with her for over a decade and perhaps inspiring a secret namesake.

What do you think of the name Olive? What are some of your favorite “Old Lady Names”?