Are Books What You Need When You’re Expecting?

Seeing the trailer for the new movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” made me think back to when I read the book. I’ll fess up: I didn’t read it cover to cover. But, I did use it as a “go to” guide to make sure I was on track with the “norm”. When I thought something was funky, I tried to find something in there to calm my fears. Most of the time it worked.

Still, I admit I had no idea what the next 9 months really had in store for me. Braxton Hicks? Mucus Plug? Back Labor? Um, yeah, I was a little on the clueless side. The only thing I knew for sure was that a little person was supposed to come out of me and it was going to hurt a lot. Sure the doctors answered my questions, but sometimes you need more than that.

So, where do you turn? There are tons of books out there that will tell you every little thing you ever wanted to know, and some things you wish you didn’t find out until they were actually happening.

If books are not your thing, you’ve always got the internet. You know how that goes. You look up one simple question and sometimes the answer makes it sound as though you’re going to give birth to an alien baby. That’s just what every pregnant lady needs to read!

Some of the best info I got about pregnancy and mommyhood came from my mommy friends and family. I remember being most afraid that I wouldn’t know I was in labor. Everyone told me I would know. They were right. Sure I could have read that in a book, but sometimes hearing it from someone who’s been in labor for the better part of a day is just what the doctored ordered.

What about you? Are books your go to source for pregnancy advice? Where do you find the best words of wisdom?