Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone Camera?

Mother taking a picture to her daughters

As a parent, we want to be there for every moment that defines our child’s life. Whether it’s a first step, a first smile or a first word, we want to remember everything and share it with the world. Back in the day, you could say it was a Kodak moment. These days it’s more of a smartphone moment.  Once we’ve captured the moment, we can share it with friends instantly. I mean, who out there doesn’t want to see my little one crawl for the first time and then comment on it?

I’m not coming down on any parent who whips out their smartphone to document the moment or get that perfect snapshot or video. I am one of you. Guilty as charged. I love to videotape and take pictures of my kids. Of course, by the time I get my phone ready to do it, it’s practically over. So what do I do? Ask them to do it again of course! Let me tell you, the sequel is never as good as the original. “The moment” is over.  I will never live it again. Sure, I experienced it, but did I truly enjoy it? That’s a tough one.

While I love pictures and videos as much as the next momma, there is something to be said about just sitting there and taking it all in without worrying if you pressed record on your phone.  It may not be on your Facebook page, but it’s in your heart and mind. And while you may not be able to share it with the world or show your kids when they get older, you will be able to tell them the story of what happened with more love than any picture can convey.  That is, if you can just live in the moment.

I’m not saying we should put our little gadgets away for good. But we (and that includes me) can try to think before we obsess about getting that picture perfect moment. Because it’s perfect just the way it is.

Are you obsessed with capturing “the moment”? Do you think we spend too much time with our smartphone cameras?