As I Watch You Sleep

A sweet one month old newborn baby girl is sleeping on her back in her crib, swaddled in a pink blanket.

I love watching you. Fluttering your eyes.
I think of what you could be dreaming of.
Maybe rainbows.
Maybe princesses and tea parties.
Pink flowers and swirly dresses.
Little thoughts that are dancing in your sweet head.
Your body gives tiny twitches as those pictures come to life.
Cotton candy, chocolate cookies.
Lollipops and spinning in the park.
I watch your hands, so dimply, lie on top of your chest.
As your body lifts and releases…
I hear your breathing….
And as you let out a snore that sounds like it came from the mouth of a giant bear, a noise that scares me right out of my skin as I hover over you, still watching you sleep…
I know deep in my heart…
You are my husband’s daughter.