As The Year Ends

smiling family in santa helper hats taking picture

It’s come to that time in the year that the decorations come down and the celebrations go up. We love and laugh, we cry and think of those we lost. We reflect and as parents, we rejoice…because we made it through another year as a caregiver.

We live our days throughout the year, watching our little ones grow rapidly before our eyes. Protecting them. Sheltering them. Teaching them. Wanting them to strive and succeed in their mini tasks. They are completely unaware that a new year has started or that another has ended. To them, their favorite people are always in the room with them, their needs are met and things are pretty awesome.

So, I hope that as this year ends and the next begins, it’s more of the same. More love, more memories, more great moments with your beautiful little ones.

Be happy. Be safe. Let this year be filled with more love and more happiness. This mommy is looking forward to all the wonderful things my crazy kids do day in and day out.

I hope you feel the same.

Happy New Year to you all!

Kristi aka The Robot Mommy