Ashton Kutcher: ‘No Men’s Room Changing Tables’

Ashton Kutcher

You’re at the mall with your baby and husband or significant other. You notice your baby has some baggage, and we’re not talking about any of the things you just bought. Junior needs a diaper change. Who’s going to do it? You are.

Why? Because you’re his mother?

No. Because Dad couldn’t change his baby in a public restroom if he tried.

He can’t find a baby changing station and apparently neither can Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher is getting all kinds of buzz for calling out the lack of diaper-changing stations in men’s rooms all over. On his Facebook page he challenged his followers to find one changing station in a men’s public bathroom. Kutcher says he’ll give them a shoutout online if they do.

In a day when many fathers are out by themselves with their babies, it would make sense to add these little stations inside of men’s rooms. Maybe designate one little area away from the urinals? Just an idea.

I have to say in all the places I’ve ever been, my husband has never been able to take either of our children into the men’s room for a diaper change. Quite frankly, some women’s rooms are lacking diaper changing areas too. If you’re like me, you’ve run out to the car a time or two for a quick diaper switcheroo. Fun, right? Not.

Some places have added “family rooms” where changing tables are available, so this does make it accessible for dads. But, I think it’s safe to say finding a “family room” isn’t always easy either. I’m sure more than one dad has also run out to the car or used “MacGyver” skills to rig a portable changing table while flying solo.

It sounds so simple, but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest. Kudos to you Kutcher for bringing to light a problem that has plagued dads for quite a while. I’ll be curious to see if anyone takes you up on that shoutout offer!