Attack of the Weird Pregnancy Moles

There are a lot of things about pregnancy that make you go, “Nobody tells you about this!”

I find myself saying that a couple times day. But it’s not true; they did tell me. It’s just that reading about something is very different than actually experiencing it. Case in point: moles. Sure, I glanced at something that said, “Your moles may darken and multiply during pregnancy.” But I did not interpret that to mean, “You may get new, alarming moles and freckles and see your old ones turn into terrifying blobs you will be convinced are melanomas.” But, alas.

So, after two people—friend and husband—pointed to a mole on my elbow and said, “What’s that?” I decided to get it checked. So yesterday, I lied down on a table and got very naked while the nice, way-younger-than-me female doc explored every inch of my skin with a flashlight/magnifying glass thingy. She explained that if they found anything, they’d wait until after pregnancy to remove it. Which of course had me thinking, BUT WHAT IF IT IS FATAL AND THEN I MIGHT DIE? But I did not say that, I just moved my arms around obediently so she could cover it all.

Occasionally she said, “Oh, this is a seborrhea blabbity blah—totally fine.” A what? “An age spot.” Oh.  And the one on my elbow was a classic, textbook something or other that crops up during pregnancy. Also nothing to worry about. She explained that all the growth hormones during pregnancy create something of an accelerated party for the mole population.

“All good. Come back in a year and we’ll check you again.”

OK, I thought, but ARE YOU SURE? WHAT IF YOU MISSED SOMETHING? WHAT IF YOU’RE TOO YOUNG AND CUTE AND NICE TO BE A REAL DOCTOR? But instead, I thanked her—as well as the sweet assistant who told me about how she first felt her first baby move in her belly. “I was ecstatic,” she said. Which reminded me, that when I get past my all-caps worries, I’m pretty non-stop ecstatic too. And now that I know my skin is OK, I’m ecstatic and relieved.

The medical takeaway—get any moles that change checked, but don’t pre-freak out about it, it’s likely a blabbity-blah that is no big deal.