Baby-Friendly Jewelry and Accessories

Every baby loves a chewbead necklace, but let’s face it, not every mom feels like wearing silicone beads around her neck round-the-clock. For those days when you’d like a more polished look without sacrificing your baby’s safety and comfort, here are some baby-friendly jewelry and accessory options to consider.

Stone Bangle – A solid jade or agate bangle is a wonderful addition to your baby-friendly jewelry collection. Not only are stone bangles virtually indestructible, they’re also beautiful and smooth to a baby’s touch. Stellan loves to clutch and turn the jade bangle I bought on a trip to China several years ago. The other great thing about solid stone bangles is that they stand up to everyday wear, whether you’re covered in mashed yams or giving your baby a bath.

Tahitian Pearl Ring – On a recent trip to Hawaii, I was taken with the beauty of black pearls, which have an edginess that traditional pearls lack. A floating Tahitian pearl set on a thick sterling silver band and paired with delicate silver stacking rings makes for a versatile, modern classic that’s sure to get noticed — and not just by your baby.

Leather Wrap Bracelet – These strong bracelets can withstand a lot of tugging and abuse, and they have no hard edges to worry about. Choose a beaded leather wrap bracelet for a pop of shine and color or go for a more casual look with a multi-strand leather cuff.

Beaded Rope Necklace – Crocheted bead necklaces provide a thick, sturdy chain without the problem of fragile clasps. They range in materials from Czech glass beads to precious and semi-precious stones and can be as neutral or colorful as your heart desires. Chicken and the Egg Designs has gorgeous pieces in both their couture and ready-to-wear collections.

Waterproof Watch – Not everybody wears a watch, but if, like me, you prefer a wristwatch to checking your smartphone for the time, consider a stainless steel diving watch. I love my Momentum M1 Mini by St. Moritz. It’s sporty, but can be dressed up, and best of all, I don’t have to take it off when I take Stellan to his  baby swim class.

Stud Earrings – I’ve been sticking to tiny studs since having Stellan because, let’s face it, I’ve seen the damage my son can do when he gets hold of my hair, and no way am I taking any chances with dangly earrings. Michelle Chang Jewelry is my personal favorite for unique and adorable stud earrings.

Patterned Silk Scarf – Nothing hides spit-up better than a patterned silk scarf, and although they require hand washing, I think it’s worth it. I wouldn’t advise donning your vintage Hermès while wearing your baby, but there are plenty of attractive hand-painted options available on Etsy for under $50.

Something to consider when picking out jewelry that you’ll be wearing while taking care of your baby is whether the beads and stones used are dyed, in which case they might not be safe for your child to suck or chew on. Likewise, if your baby has teeth, it’s probably not a good idea to let him gnaw on hard stone jewelry that could damage his brand new pearly whites. The same goes for softer glass beads that could shatter if he crunches down on them. Lastly, avoid rough metal edges and pointy stones. Few things have made me feel worse than when I accidentally scratched Stellan with the corner of a bezel-set princess-cut ring when he was a newborn. I haven’t worn it since!

What are your favorite pieces to wear while caring for your baby?