Baby Product Recalls: January 28th-February 1st

bright colored children's pajamas

Here are two pajama recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Target.

Both are voluntary recalls due to the PJs not meeting “federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear,” according to press releases from the CPSC. (We would like to state that while we are not experts in federal flammability standards, we firmly believe that in general children’s clothing should be non-flammable whenever possible.

(Also, did you know that “inflammable” is not the opposite of “flammable,” although this is a common mistake, one we just made when writing this article? Inflammable actually means the same thing as flammable. Sort of like famous and infamous but with fire; infamous doesn’t mean “not famous.” Isn’t language fun?)

Luckily no injuries have been reported to the CPSC, and Target is offering consumers a full refund.

The first recall applies to over 500,000 children’s two-piece pajama sets sold by the popular red-dotted retailer. There are a lot of styles and designs included, everything from camouflage to peace signs. Pictures are available at, and a full list of item numbers for the potentially dangerous PJs can be found on this page at “The item number is located on a tag on the shirt’s side seam and on the pants at the waist,” according to the CPSC. Other details to look for are a neck tag with the words “Circo,” “Xhilaration,” and/or “Wear snug-fitting not flame resistant” along with an item number. The “wear snug-fitting” label is a secondary violation with these particular pajamas, since there is a flammability standard and also a set of “tight-fitting sizing requirements.” Out of context that phrase would be sort of amusing, but you don’t want to take chances when it comes to your kids.

The two-piece sets were sold in stores and online from August through November of 2012. Visit for full details.

The second recall also involves pajamas purchased at Target and is narrower, with 42,000 units sold, according to the CPSC. Certain Girls’ Circo Fleece Blanket Sleepers, described as “one-piece feet pajamas”, were sold in stores and online in August, September and October of 2012 and are now being voluntarily recalled. Here are the styles and model numbers from the CPSC’s press release.

Purple Owl:
075084972, 075084973, 075084974, 075084975, 075084976
243271104, 243271105, 243271062, 243271063, 243271064 

Pink Leopard:
075085338, 075085339, 075085340, 075085341, 075085342
243271052, 243271065, 243271066, 243271067, 243271068

Blue Doodle:
075085388, 075085389, 075085390, 075085391, 075085392
243271047, 243271048, 243271049, 243271050, 243271053

Photos are available at and

Again, no injuries have been reported with either recall, but since Target is offering a full refund it’s worth checking to see if you have any of these items and bringing them back to the store.

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