Baby Product Recalls: Week of February 25th-March 1st

Purrfection stuffed animals with LED flashlights

March 1st? Did we type that correctly? Yes, dear reader, we are indeed about to enter the third month of the year. And just like the calendar, the Mom365 product recalls report moves on. This time we tell you about stuffed animals with built-in flashlights (seriously) and bunk beds that need to be fixed.

Beamerzzz™ Stuffed Animals with LED Flashlight

What’s in a name? In this case a good description. Beamerzzz are indeed stuffed animals with an LED flashlight inside, specifically the left paw, according to the CPSC. Turning a bear into a borg requires wires, and therein lies the potential problem. Per the CPSC, “LED flashlight wires can protrude through the stuffed toy, posing a laceration hazard.” Laceration is not good. The alert was generated due to a customer who “noticed an exposed wire.” When said wire is poking through the left paw of a cuddly plush toy, reporting it seems like a solid idea. The CPSC says there have been no injuries reported.

Approximately 7,200 flashlight-filled animals were sold from September through November of 2012 at a retailer named Cabela’s, both in store and online. The price was $15, give or take. If you have one, take it away from your kid and contact the company, Purr-Fection by MJC, for a replacement. They can be reached by phone at (800) 359-0254. You can also visit their website for more information.

Here is a list of model numbers along with a description of the toy from the CPSC’s web site. Note that there are animals on here other than bears.

Baby Moose: 3127FS
Baby Butter Cream Bear: 1229FS
Baby Smoky Black Bear: 1231FS
Baby Deer: 3136FS
Baby Derby Elephant: 1927FS

World Imports Bunk Beds

Two models of bunk beds from World Imports do not adhere to safety standards and therefore must be repaired. The problem is that the gap in the metal rails are too large, which means a “risk of entrapment or asphyxiation.” Again, these are not desirable outcomes for your kids.

The bunk beds in question are made from wood and metal, and have a label on the corner post with the words “DISTRIBUTOR: WORLD IMPORTS” along with a model number. The affected models are the Twin-over-Twin model 341-33, and the Twin-over-Futon model 344-54. No injuries have been reported but consumers are advised that if they have either of these bunk bed models to stop using them (sorry). Then call World Imports toll-free at (855) 473-9992 to receive your repair kit.

Recall links:

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