Baby Product Recalls: Week of February 4th-February 8th

Million Dollar Baby Cherry Finish Dresser

Happy February! We know, how’d that happen so fast? Time marches on, and so do product recalls. Here are two you should know about.

The first one involves roughly 300 Natart Chelsea Dressers sold in stores and online from June 2005 and December 2010, according to the CPSC. The recall is to “retrofit” the furniture in order to make it safer to place in a child’s room. “If a young child climbs up open dresser drawers, the dresser can tip over and pose the risk of entrapment,” the CPSC said in a press release. Sadly, there is a report that a toddler died of suffocation when he did this. In this specific case “retrofitting” means a kit that lets you anchor the dresser to the wall to keep it from tipping over. (You should do this anyway; we’ll get back to that in a bit.)

The details of the offending furniture are as follows:

  • Look inside the top drawer for a sticker with the word “Natart” and a logo and the firm’s logo.
  • Chelsea three-drawer windowed dresser, model number 3033
  • The dresser could be one of the following five finishes: Cappuccino, Cappuccino with a brown top, Ebony, Ebony with a brown top, and Antique or French White.

At the risk of sounding alarmist, if there is any chance you have one of these dressers, make sure you check this page at to see if your product resembles their photo. Then check the labels. For more information call Gemme Juvenile at 855-364-2619 (toll-free; remember when all toll-free numbers started with 800? I do but I’m old), or visit them online at If you have the dresser you can go to for your free wall anchor kit.

Second, we have another furniture recall — Million Dollar Baby Dressers from Bexco Enterprises Inc. The problem, potential dresser toppling when a child climbs on it, is the same. Two toddler deaths have been reported, although the CPSC press release states that, “The cause of the deaths has not been determined.”

These dressers were sold at various stores including JCPenney, as well as online. Here are some more details:

  • Look on the back of the dresser for a label that says “Million Dollar Baby” and “MADE IN TAIWAN”.
  • “Emily” style four-drawer dressers with model numbers M4712, M4722, M4732 and M4742
  • “Ryan” dressers with the model M4733
  • The dresser could be one of the following five finishes: Cherry, Ebony, Espresso, Honey Oak and White.

Please check the CPSC’s recall page for this product if you think you have one in your home. As before, the remedy is a kit that allows consumers to attach the dresser to the wall. You can get one by calling Bexco at 888-673-6652 (that number is also toll-free), or go to and look for a link that says “Safety HQ” (good name).

The CPSC points out, correctly, that you should be be anchoring your furniture to the wall in general, and “furniture” includes big-screen televisions; no matter how sleek and flat they are, they’re still heavy, especially if they fall on a child. (Here’s an article from Gizmodo discussing the rise of injuries resulting from falling furniture and TVs.) I anchored all of the kids’ furniture to the walls when they were little, and did the same with some of the items in the living room. It wasn’t fun, but it did make me feel like my little ones were a little bit safer.

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