Baby Toy Checklist For Newborn Babies

a chest filled with toys

If you’re preparing for the birth of your little one, your shopping list may be incredibly long. You need to decide on a paint color for the nursery, the safest car seat, diapers and much more. However, one type of item that expecting parents forget about that can be less practical but equally important: baby toys. Here is your toy checklist for newborns:

1. Teether

Sooner than you think, your baby will be teething. During this time, his or her gums will be in pain. A teething toy is a great way to relieve any discomfort that your little one feels. Buy one with gel parts that you can freeze. The cold can help numb the pain with the chilly, gel edges.

2. Music box

Music is a great way to soothe your baby’s cries or lull your child to sleep. Get a music box that plays a variety of tunes and watch your baby to see what he or she responds to. Here are a couple ideas:

  • Nursery songs.
  • Classical music.
  • Instrumental.
  • Ocean sounds.

3. Play mirror

A mirror is a great way to get your little one aware of what he or she looks like. Purchase an unbreakable mirror, and watch your infant stare in amazement when he or she sees the reflection.

4. Soft ball

Get your little one a soft ball that he or she can grasp. It will take a few months before your baby can hold the ball, but giving it to him or her at a young age will help expedite the process.

5. Stuffed animal

Just about every baby loves an over-sized, fluffy animal. Buy your newborn something plush and name it. You never know how long it will last as he or she grows up.

Here are some baby toys for your little one.Here are some baby toys for your little one.

6. Baby gym

This toy is a great place for your baby to lie down while you’re doing things around the home. However, it has educational purposes, too. With the trinkets hanging above, it boosts your infant’s hand-eye coordination and works his or her little baby muscles – all the while keeping him or her entertained. Win-win.

7. Floor bouncy seat

Make sure to put a bouncy seat on your gift registry. It’s a place for your infant to build up his or her leg muscles by sitting up with support. In addition, most seats come with toys so your little one can play.

8. Sensory stuffed animals

Your child might already have a plush friend, but make sure to get a sensory take-along toy, as well. These animals typically have multiple limbs with different sensory-based characteristics like a mirror, a teether, rattles and satin tags and other textures.

9. Crib soothers

These tiny toys will keep your baby amused in their crib and will even soothe your baby to sleep.

10. Baby books

It will be quite some time before your little one can read on his or her own, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be stocking up on the baby books.