Baby Trend Predictions for 2015

gender neutral nursery

I cannot believe 2015 is well under way!  I can’t help but think about the baby trends for 2015.  What will be in style?  Obviously I’m no psychic, but I thought it would be fun to make some predictions.

gender neutral nursery
Gender-neutral nursery via Chic Cheap Nursery


The matchy-matchy nursery will be no longer!  While many in the past have chosen specific themes for their nurseries (myself included…hello panda and monkey themed nursery!), in 2015 I predict most people will do a more eclectic style nursery mixing in many different pieces, textiles, and art prints.  Many will build their nurseries to keep with the personality of their home, but while adding kid-friendly details.  Pops of color, statement lighting, or an interesting rug will stand out over an overarching theme.  Here is a sweet unisex nursery in this type of style.

I also predict more and more DIY projects when it comes to nurseries, including decorated wood letters, paper mobiles, and ombre or distressed refurbished furniture.  Not only does this save money, but it’s also extremely satisfying to create something of your own to add to your little one’s nursery.  (Check out this DIY tutorial to create an ombre dresser.)

Another type of nursery growing in popularity is the Montessori nursery.  Essentially this is a baby-proofed room with a floor bed, low artwork, reachable toys, and child-sized furniture that allows the child to move and explore.


Uppababy Strollers
A rainbow of Uppababy Strollers

There’s a lot of new baby gear coming out in 2015, and a few items and trends I think will really stick.  First, gear will be in bright colors.  When my baby boy was born, I went with black for my main stroller, maybe because I’m a New Yorker and we love black here, but maybe because I didn’t want to choose a “gendered” color for fear that I wouldn’t like it anymore if we had a girl the second time around.  When my baby became a toddler and I purchased an umbrella stroller, I changed my mind.  There were so many bright, beautiful colors to choose from, and so I went with a bright aqua blue from Uppababy that could easily be used for a boy or a girl.  With all the amazing colors to choose from now, I foresee a lot of parents choosing color for 2015, especially as spring approaches.

 Products that grow with baby are also on the rise and picking up speed.  Who wants to buy three different types of car seats?  It’s so expensive!  Graco came out with a 4-in-1 car seat that will grow with your child from infancy (rear-facing), toddler-hood (forward-facing), and small childhood (booster seating).  There are also many high chairs that can transform as your child grows.  We chose the Keekaroo chair because it can be used all the way through adulthood, and it can also be pulled right up to the table.  Stokke also makes a great one.

 Another big trend coming up for 2015 gear is techie products.  Not necessarily tech for baby (I’m a firm believer in babies not really seeing much of the screen), but for the parents.  4Moms Mamaroo has a new swing and Summer Infant has a new monitor, both of which can be controlled by an app on your phone.


Kale is an up-and-coming baby name

Oh, the ever-constant name debate!  When we named our son, Nico, we thought, Oh, look how original we are!  Turns out there were three other Nico’s born during the same time period right in our neighborhood!  Haha.  Go figure.  If you want to avoid this happening to you, check in with a baby name site before naming your child.  Nameberry offers a few predictions for 2015.  The highlights: first, they note big statement names will be popular (Royal, Lazer, or Sage).  For the girls, lots of names will end in the popular “Bella” including Arabella and Rosabella.  I can’t tell you how much this kills me, because Bella was my potential girl’s name for so many years!!  Then the movie Twilight came out, and sigh…

Next on the list are Southern names such as Georgia, Tennessee, and even beachy names like Ocean and Dune.  X’s will be found at the end or in the middle of many names such as Knox or Huxley, and exotic colors such as  Lavender and Indigo will grace the charts.  The name that surprised me the most on this list was Kale.  I mean, I thought Apple was out there enough, but I guess there are some people who want nothing more than to name their child after a leafy green!  Maybe it will inspire them to be healthy eaters as they grow?


And now for my favorite part…baby fashion!  There are so many fun ideas for 2015 out there, but the following trends are on the top of my list:  Pineapple, fruit, and tropical prints were all the rage at the end of last summer, and I think they will roll right into the new year when spring hits.  I love these adorable pineapple leggings from Lola and Stella on Etsy.

Pastels have always been popular with baby clothing, but check out this fashionable tee from American Apparel.  I believe pastels will show up in a more trendy, edgy way this year, from tees to sneaks.

Npineapple baby leggingsext up, another popular item for babies is animals.  Animals have been seen on tiny people clothes for a long time.  However, this year, I think there will be a shift to more sophisticated animals if you will, particularly, woodland animals such as deer, rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes, and bears.  I think they will start to look more artsy rather than cutesy this year.  I love this Stay Wild Bear Tee from Beckett’s Threads and these fantastic hedgehog leggings from Bert and Bear.

 Speaking of these leggings, you may notice the tiny triangles sprinkled in.  Geometric shapes will play a big role in 2015.  This little tank dress from The Sprouted Arrow is just darling.

Overall, while many folks will still continue to purchase baby clothes from the ever popular Carter’s, I do think there will be a switch to more organic, smaller name brand, unisex clothing for babies.  With social media continuously on the rise, the opportunity to find unique baby clothing items from smaller shops is getting easier and easier.

I suppose time will tell which of these predictions will come to life in 2015.

Which trends are your favorites?  Are there any other baby trend predictions you would add to the list for 2015?