Because I Am Santa

smiling family in santa helper hats taking picture

I listen intently when they ramble for hours about this toy and this item. Each commercial brings a new choice and a change of heart.

It’s my job because I am Santa.

I’m scouring sales for the best price for each Christmas wish. Sometimes I’m going to bed at 8pm on Thanksgiving so I can get up at 1am if only to camp outside the local Toys ‘R’ Us to get the boy’s request. The rumor is that they only made about 10,000 of them and they are the most popular toy. I’ve drummed up on my karate moves.

Because I’m Santa.

I’ve been working on my stealth moves to get into the closet and wrap presents flawlessly while crouched down like a ball. As quiet as a mouse so no child hears the rustle of the wrapping paper, the gentle pry of the box opening, the hum of the tape being stretched out. Once wrapped, I’m hiding like a secret agent, like a CIA operative hiding plans for war. This holiday depends on how well I can hide these presents.

Because I am Santa.

When Christmas Eve comes, I’m prepared for the moment my children are fast asleep. I work tag team with the husband to make sure toys are built, batteries are in, and things are working for the big day. No stone is left unturned, no piece is forgotten, no cookie is left without some crumbs or the signature bite marks. and the milk drunk like a pro despite my lactose intolerance…


I am Santa.